CasaNave Alle Mura is an experiential space created by the will and passion of its founder and Director Gloria Desideri. CasaNave is for professional training, artistic-cultural activity, education, community.
It is located in Tuscania and its value system is centered on sustainability, welcoming and sharing.

Professional Training

The Body-Mind Centering®
training programs
have here found their home

CasaNave Alle Mura is the space where the Body-Mind Centering®. Body-Mind Centering® certification programs organized by Leben Nuova take place. An ideal environment where students spend the intensive time of the residential courses, CasaNave offers comfort, concentration and privacy for both the individual and group needs.


Amateur courses, workshops, artistic residencies, performances, concerts and community gathering.

Various activities are promoted by the Kinesfera Association whose mission is based on promoting education, sustainability, inclusion and sharing. Activities are based on principles and practices that aim to the integration and awareness of body and mind, and the development of skills at all stages of life.

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