CasaNave Alle Mura

CasaNave Alle Mura is an experiential space for education, artistic-cultural activities, and the development of quality of life, sense of community and care for the environment.

Dancer in the CasaNave studio

Experiential Space

CasaNave Alle Mura, with its indoor and outdoor spaces, is a living and versatile environment, ideal for activities of different kinds. The accurate and extensive use of glass doors and facades, generates a continuous play between various materials, light and shadows, and in a dialogue between the surrounding urban landscape and the life animating the place. The spaces respond to quality, comfort and functionality while giving a deep sense of protection.

Indoor Spaces

Indoors, CasaNave includes a 130-square-meter studio, a reception area and office, a small hall, a kitchen, and two dressing rooms with bathrooms and showers. Next door is a medium size room that can accommodate small groups, therapeutic sessions and meetings. From here there is access to a bathroom for people with disabilities and to a small apartment for guests, with independent access, two bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom.

Outdoor Spaces

Outdoors, CasaNave is surrounded by a garden with fruiting and non-fruiting small trees, shrubs and a variety of plants suited for the local natural environment. A ramp allows people with disabilities to access all interior spaces. A flight of outdoor stairs leads to the large terrace with a spectacular view of the historic center and surrounding countryside.

> staff

Gloria Desideri


Body-Mind Centering® Teacher/Practitioner, she has a professional background in dance and choreography; trainer, educator and therapist specialized in the field of child development and post-traumatic syndromes; founder of Leben nuova since 2006 and Associazione Kinesfera since 2014. She is the Educational Director of the BMC® programs in Italy.

Martina Moscini


She collaborates with Gloria Desideri since 2014. She holds a degree in Administration and Finance, specialized in management accounting and project controlling. She is the Administrative Director of BMC® programs in Italy.

Viktoriya Petrova

Viktoriya Petrova


Working at CasaNave since 2020, she is an expert in communication and digital marketing; she is in charge of back office and front end activities for the educational, artistic and cultural activities based at CasaNave.