CasaNave Alle Mura is an ideal space for educational, cultural and artistic activities. It combines beauty and functionality for events of various kinds. Opened in 2021 by its founder, Gloria Desideri, it is just outside the historic center of Tuscania, a medieval village in northern Lazio.


Body-Mind Centering®
certification programs
licensed by SBMC®

CasaNave Alle Mura is home to the Body-Mind Centering® certification programs organized by Leben nuova. During the intensive residential course period, it is the optimal environment for bodywork and concentration, individual and group, provides privacy and facilitates community spirit.


Corses, concerts, performances, community gathering, and other social and cultural events.

CasaNave is the versatile and welcoming space where the Kinesfera Association APS promotes its activities aimed to body-mind integration, the development of awareness and skills at all stages of life, the enhancement of the local area and the cultural growth of the community.


Spacious, light-filled spaces, with brightness, comfort and versatile functionality.

Modern, open, exhibit building. Ideal for educational and workshop activities. Modular structure that can be rented as a whole or in part. Suitable for photo and video shoots, corporate and team building events, as a rehearsal and performance space, ceremonies and more.

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