An integrated approach to somatic movement analysis and reeducation, body awareness, and development of consciousness.

Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

Developed by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen since the early 1970s, Body-Mind Centering® is an experiential study that makes use of movement, conscious touch, voice, and mind in the exploration of anatomical, physiological, and psychophysical principles, as well as developmental movement.

BMC® has a wide range of applications: dance and movement studies, somatic education, school education, rehabilitation, psychotherapy, martial arts, sports, yoga, and more.

Dancer in CasaNave studio

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Directed by Gloria Desideri, BMC® certification programs in Italy are based in Tuscania, organized by Leben nuova srl, the Italian company licensed by The School for Body-Mind Centering® since 2006.

Leben nuova belongs to a strong local and international network and is constantly engaged in promoting somatic movement education in various fields of application. It also runs a publishing activity in synergy with Epsylon Editrice.

For more information please visit Leben nuova srl.


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